Chewing the Same Dirt

One of the most amazing and inspiring aspects of making this film has been the feedback, ‘real reviews’ and gratitude offered by those who have seen the film. We’ve been told over and over, by vets, active duty soldiers, military families and others that we have captured the reality of the experience of being on the front lines as well as on the home front. It’s truly gratifying to know that what we are doing is important and helping people. We wanted to share with you an exchange Jake had recently with SSgt Dave Cox. It captures quite a bit.

My name is SSgt Dave Cox. I watched Brothers at War last night. Great job.

Thank you for doing this project. I totally understand why you felt you had to go and see first hand what your brothers were doing. My father is a retired Marine and a Vietnam veteran, myself and my brother Robert both followed and joined the Marine Corps. I am still currently on active duty, my brother did a 4 year enlistment and got out. He still resides in Jacksonville NC and is a big supporter of the Military. I am currently stationed in Quantico VA. Maybe now some of the nay-sayers who apposed the War On Terror will have a little more insight into what went on in country.

I have done 2 tours in Iraq with 3rd Bn. 2nd Marines. I arrived in Habbaniyah in July of 2006 right after CWO4 Kineston left. I actually worked with the very same Iraqi Army Soldiers that were in your movie. It was great to see them again. Once again great job and thank you for doing this.

I really felt a connection with your family, as we have chewed some of the same dirt and have had some of the same tragedies happen. I cried, laughed and felt those feelings of being on a combat patrol all over again.
I can’t thank you enough for what you have done.  I don’t know if
you will ever get to read this email, Jake, but I hope you do.

Semper Fi.

SSgt C. David Cox

After Jake wrote him, he wrote back:

Since watching your movie I have told everyone I work with about it and all of my family as well. I just got back from visiting my Mother in Washington State, she had a hard time understanding what went on in Iraq and watching Brothers at War with her really helped her have a better understanding of why it was important to me to be a part of it.

I would be honored if you quoted me on my reaction to your movie.

Thanks again for your support, of all us little guys who don’t always have a voice.

Thank you Dave for your service and for expressing how you feel about Brothers at War!

Sharing Stories About the War

On our home page, there’s a “Share Your Story” link. Since the film has launched, over 500 people have participated. We wanted to share snippets of a few of these with you as they testify to the shared experience of military families and war. Enjoy and please submit your own stories as well. They help!

Previously served SSG: “I served in Desert Shield/Desert Stormwith the 1st Cav and running along with 1/7 cav. Now my son James  is serving in Iraq and a younger son and possibly a daughter about to join and serve and I’m proud of them. It is harder to see your children go off to war then it was for me. God bless our troops.”

Charles David Rucker: “I just watched the movie and it really is a good movie. It does tell the lives of army men. I have a brother in the army he is in afghanistan right now as a mp (milarty police). But if I could have one day in his shoes I would get to know him a lot better.”

Kimberly Ness: “Watched your movie today and it really hit home for me since my husband is leaving at the end of the month for Iraq. It helped me see things better since this is his first deployment. We need more movies to help honor the men and women who serve our country so maybe others will understand what we go through as a family. My heart goes out to all family members of deployed service members. May God bless you all and may he bring all our men and women home safe.”

Live Video Q&A with Brothers At War Director Jake Rademacher

First National Viewing of DVD Extras

This Tuesday, as Brothers at War debuts on DVD, filmmaker Jake Rademacher will host his first LIVE ONLINE VIDEO EMBED — a Q & A with top military bloggers.  Future embeds will feature Gary Sinise, Captain Isaac Rademacher, and others with the film that “get” the military front-liners and their families as few films ever have.

Join us at 1:15 p.m. EASTERN (12:15 p.m. Central; 10:15 a.m. Pacific). Top military bloggers will interview Rademacher, while a cast of listeners text in comments and questions.

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Brothers At War DVD Launch Press Release

Here is the official press release announcing the DVD launch. Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested. Thank you!!


Uncommon Brother’s-Eye-View on US Military in The Middle East

“To understand Afghanistan you have to understand Iraq. BROTHERS occurs right before the surge, before 20,000 more troops go over. It shows why we’re there and what can be done.”
Jake Rademacher, Filmmaker

“I’ve been waiting for this film since the early days of the war in Iraq.”
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times’ Reviewer

“I fell in love with the movie and wanted to do what I could to support it.”
Gary Sinise, Actor, Advocate

a brother’s-eye view of today’s US soldier overseas, debuts Jan. 12, 2010, on DVD from Summit Entertainment ( alongside the award-winning HURT LOCKER, with an exciting list of bonus features.

Moved by the film, Gary Sinise signed on as executive producer.  This first-person account of why soldiers go to war (and go back), also reveals the wives’ and children’s sacrifices, insights so true to troops and families that the Veterans Administration is looking into building a curriculum around it.

In BROTHERS AT WAR, filmmaker Jake Rademacher of Decatur, Illinois, twice embeds with his two brothers’ units in Iraq, filming their returns to the US and subsequent return overseas.  Military viewers, from the under-reported National Guard to Marines and Army, gave major thumbs-up to the first war film in years to “get” the soldiers’ and families’ sacrifices.

Often humorous but sometimes downright lethal, BROTHERS AT WAR is the remarkable journey of a brother willing to risk it all, who gains unprecedented access to US and Iraqi combat units.  Rademacher goes behind the camouflage curtain with secret reconnaissance troops on the Syrian border, into sniper “Hide Sites” in the Sunni Triangle and through raging machine gun battles with the Iraqi Army.

As the US sends new troops into Afghanistan, BROTHERS AT WAR captures what troops can do for a country at war. “For people asking why we need 30,000 men in Afghanistan,” Jake Rademacher says, “here’s the story of what’s possible.”

“I’ve seen for myself the rebuilding, relationships with the Iraqis, and the community there,” Sinise said.  Soldiers who see BROTHERS AT WAR say it hits home with stories of US soldiers fighting alongside their Iraqi trainees, the Iraqi interpreter who believes his slain brother didn’t die in vain, the obvious comradeship, the love of country.  “To understand Afghanistan you have to understand Iraq,” said Rademacher. “BROTHERS occurs right before the surge, at the height of the war, before Gen. Petreaus asked Congress to send 20,000 more troops over, when Iraqi soldiers were first getting their own battle space, when US Forces were discovering how insurgents from all over the middle east were sneaking across the border to get their Jihad on.  It’s a window into what we are asking of our military families who will now face their 3rd and 4th deployment as my brothers did in Brothers at War, and what life will be like for those family members serving at the edge of the battlefield in the war on terror.”

BROTHERS AT WAR bonus DVD features take viewers deeper into the journey by expanding on stand out sections of the film, behind the scenes with Rademacher, Sinise, and other now-familiar characters and their stories after it ends:

•    The F51st Homecoming
•    Iraqi Security Council Meeting
•    Memorial Service for SPC Dane Carver
•    Gary Sinise on the movie
•    Allier’s post-mission speech
•    Allier and Jake alone on the front
•    Isaac Rademacher and family, fourth deployment
•    Joe Rademacher and Danielle, third deployment
•    Jake Rademacher on making the film
•    Audience reactions
•    Jake’s first MRE
•    Isaac and Jake

For Information, contact:
Monique Sondag   214-536-4319

Street Date:  January 12, 2010
UPC:  025192055393
SRP:  $19.99
You Tube:

Directed by Jake Rademacher, Produced by Norman S. Powell and Jake Rademacher
Executive Producers: Gary Sinise and David Scantling