Jake Rademacher

Jake Rademacher


Jake Rademacher founded Metanoia Films, raised financing, embedded with four different combat units in Iraq, and collaborated with world-class professionals to create the award winning BROTHERS AT WAR.  He co-wrote the BROTHERS AT WAR Resiliency Workbooks with Norman Powell, his producing partner.  He created and has facilitated BROTHERS AT WAR Resiliency Workshops for the US Army, Navy, National Guard, Army Reserves, and Department of Defense collectively serving over 12,000 Service Members and their families.

As a director and producer, Jake has also done work for the Gary Sinise Foundation and Nick Popaditch Congressional Campaign.  As a professional actor, Jake’s hours on stage and in front of the camera reach into the thousands.  He has performed in over fourteen theatrical productions, played the lead in the independent film, TURNING THE CORNER, and has narrated numerous television documentaries and commercials.

Jake graduated cum laude with a degree in English from Notre Dame, and studied playwriting and drama at Trinity College Dublin.  At both Universities, he participated in prestigious workshops and won awards for his writing.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, where Metanoia Films has its production office, and is represented by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.