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Over the last couple of years, I have been keeping a low profile about the work we have been doing with Service Members and their Families, until now. I have conducted BROTHERS AT WAR RESILIENCY WORKSHOPS  for over 12,000 Service and Family Members, and because of their success, Gary Sinise has urged us to make these important materials (which we have been utilizing in the workshops) available to the public.

The heartfelt, positive response of Service Members and their Families to the BROTHERS AT WAR film, and the communication it generated within military families made a profound impression on me. I began to wonder if there was a way to take the family building impact of the film one step further. I had done a great amount of journaling upon my return from war and found the process helpful for my own reintegration. The idea came to share this technique, first during our Workshops, and now with you.

My producing partner for BROTHERS AT WAR, Norman Powell, responded enthusiastically to the idea, and we began to write the questions based on the large number of interviews we had done with Service Members. Ellen Levine created a complimentary visual look, and edited the BROTHERS AT WAR Companion Workbook with Sophie Yon Gharbi.

Gary Sinise was so impressed, he and TriWest sponsored six BROTHERS AT WAR RESILIENCY WORKSHOPS at Army Posts around the country. We received high praise from the Soldiers, their Families, Chaplains, Counselors, and Doctors.

The Oklahoma National Guard was searching for an innovative way to help address the needs of their Soldiers who had been at the front of the fight in Afghanistan, and were reeling from the loss of 15 of their Brothers-in-Arms. Military Spouse and Talk Radio Show Host, Beth Wilson, recommended our program. In order to help meet their needs, we completed our COMPANION WORKBOOK for SPOUSES, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS, and extended our Workshops to four hours to help address the issues their Soldiers and Family Members were facing.

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The Army Reserves also had us conduct 7 workshops during the same time.  See the Official Survey of the Reactions of the Soldier and their Families here

During the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma, 49 Soldiers, who returned from the war less than a year ago, lost their homes. I contacted them to find out how we can help.  What they need most is gift cards, so they can purchase necessities for their families, while they file insurance claims and get back on their feet. In order to give something back to these Military Families, we will donate $1 for every Workbook sold online for the next month to the Oklahoma National Guard Emergency Relief Fund. If you would like to donate directly, please send a check to:

Oklahoma National Guard Emergency Relief Fund

c/o Lisa Smith, Comptroller

3501 NE Military Circle

Oklahoma City, OK 73111-4305


Our Resiliency Program Is Now Available To You:

We will be doing an Official Launch later this year. However, we wanted to introduce it to you first, who have supported the journey of BROTHERS AT WAR. We would appreciate your feedback and comments on the new website and on the Companion Workbooks.

Conducting the Workshops has been inspiring, and I had the honor of working with Soldiers and Families of the North Dakota National Guard earlier this month, and I look forward to returning to Oklahoma on July 13th to work with more of their Soldiers and Families. Our program is fun, easy to do, and can help bring families closer together.

This has been an inspirational journey, and I am excited to now be able to share it with you.

Jake Rademacher

“Band of Brothers” posters auctioned off for a great cause

A friend of mine, Michael Broderick, who was the Marine Corps veteran who introduced “Brothers at War” to Gary Sinise, has taken on a new project in his mission to help returning veterans who have been at the front of the fight get paired up with other veterans who have successfully made the transition to the civilian life. He has trekked around the US tracking down WWII veterans of the legendary Easy Company, 101st Airborne Division and 28 members of the cast and crew of the critically acclaimed and award winning HBO miniseries: including Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Damian Lewis and many more, all of whom have signed a “Band of Brothers” movie poster. I thought this incredible piece of Hollywood and American history might look awesome hanging in your office or on display in your corporate headquarters.

The auction of this one of a kind poster runs until this Sunday, June 16th at 7pm Eastern. http://ebay.com/posterproject

100% of the proceeds from the auction go to GallantFew, a veterans support organization (501c3). Founded by retired Army Ranger Major Karl Monger, GallantFew’s mission is to reduce veteran unemployment and homelessness and to eliminate veteran suicide. Using their unique model of facilitating mentor relationships between returning veterans and a veteran in their community that has already made the transition to civilian life successfully, GallantFew has made a tremendous impact for many veterans. Put simply, GallantFew enables very personal, one on one support for veterans provided by their piers.

Go to http://posterproject.us to learn more about this great project! I hope you will consider supporting our returning military men and women by placing a bid on this one-of-a-kind item, and by sharing info on this project and the cause it supports with you family, friends, and associates.

My best,