Chewing the Same Dirt

One of the most amazing and inspiring aspects of making this film has been the feedback, ‘real reviews’ and gratitude offered by those who have seen the film. We’ve been told over and over, by vets, active duty soldiers, military families and others that we have captured the reality of the experience of being on the front lines as well as on the home front. It’s truly gratifying to know that what we are doing is important and helping people. We wanted to share with you an exchange Jake had recently with SSgt Dave Cox. It captures quite a bit.

My name is SSgt Dave Cox. I watched Brothers at War last night. Great job.

Thank you for doing this project. I totally understand why you felt you had to go and see first hand what your brothers were doing. My father is a retired Marine and a Vietnam veteran, myself and my brother Robert both followed and joined the Marine Corps. I am still currently on active duty, my brother did a 4 year enlistment and got out. He still resides in Jacksonville NC and is a big supporter of the Military. I am currently stationed in Quantico VA. Maybe now some of the nay-sayers who apposed the War On Terror will have a little more insight into what went on in country.

I have done 2 tours in Iraq with 3rd Bn. 2nd Marines. I arrived in Habbaniyah in July of 2006 right after CWO4 Kineston left. I actually worked with the very same Iraqi Army Soldiers that were in your movie. It was great to see them again. Once again great job and thank you for doing this.

I really felt a connection with your family, as we have chewed some of the same dirt and have had some of the same tragedies happen. I cried, laughed and felt those feelings of being on a combat patrol all over again.
I can’t thank you enough for what you have done.  I don’t know if
you will ever get to read this email, Jake, but I hope you do.

Semper Fi.

SSgt C. David Cox

After Jake wrote him, he wrote back:

Since watching your movie I have told everyone I work with about it and all of my family as well. I just got back from visiting my Mother in Washington State, she had a hard time understanding what went on in Iraq and watching Brothers at War with her really helped her have a better understanding of why it was important to me to be a part of it.

I would be honored if you quoted me on my reaction to your movie.

Thanks again for your support, of all us little guys who don’t always have a voice.

Thank you Dave for your service and for expressing how you feel about Brothers at War!

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