Facebook Live with Jake Rademacher and George Ohan

Last Monday Morning, Jake Rademacher and George Ohan went live on Facebook to talk about sleep deprivation, finding a job as a veteran, opening up, and more.

A lot of veterans have trouble sleeping. The first thing that Jake suggested was to open up about what you’re going through. It’s common for many vets to set aside emotions, tough it up, and focus on getting the task done, but as George said, if you have something wrong, you gotta get it fixed. It’s all about living a richer, better life. Here’s a link to the Facebook Live Session:

As Jake and George moved on to talk about veterans and employment, more people joined the conversation. They touched on problems that arise when vets are out looking for jobs, discussed how vets can overcome that rough situation and how they can help others to help them.

There are employers who just don’t understand, and those who are motivated to hire vets. According to Jake and George, vets need to show the employers what they can bring to the table. They also need to be good listeners and learn to stand in others’ shoes. Jake and George highlighted the importance of presenting yourself, building people skills, and translating military experience to real workforce experience in the civilian world. Here’s a link to the Facebook Live Session:

Jake and George are also curious about what you what to talk about and how you want future Facebook videos to be like. They look forward to answering your questions and sharing with you.

Here’s a link to their first Facebook Live Session where they about the “Brothers at War” Resiliency Workshop, interactions between Civilians and Service Members, and getting care at the VA:

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