It feels like real life

The title of this post is a quote from the Washington Times review of Brothers at War in March of ’09.

The reviewer, Sonny Bunch, said: “Those interested in a true-to-life look at the soldiers fighting in the war on terror will find much to enjoy in Mr. Rademacher’s moving documentary. By deftly combining footage from the home front and the front lines, he has provided audiences with the first comprehensive examination of life in Iraq through the eyes of a soldier and his loved ones.”

As we move into the next leg of this film’s journey, it’s heartwarming to look back at the all of the positive “professional” reviews that the film received. However, we’re still most moved and inspired by the soldiers and military families themselves that keep telling us how important this film is because it truly speaks to the struggles and sacrifices behind the headlines. We’re excited to head into the social media landscape, creating new content and participating in various communities and conversations.

For all of you who have already seen the film, we encourage you to ask your friends and families to find a way to do the same. Thanks for your support. We truly appreciate it.

Here’s a random photo from the filming with Jake and his brother Isaac.

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