Greetings from Cannes

Being at the Cannes was an amazing experience. It is exciting to see “Brothers at War” begin to reach an international audience. I enjoyed spending time with Morris, Sam, Brain and Erin from the Shoreline Team who are doing a great job representing the film.

While taking in the fireworks, attending some of the parties, and being out for dinner, I had an opportunity to speak with people from around the world. I was struck by their curiosity and eagerness to see a film about Iraq where the filmmaker had actually been there, and where they as the viewer get to go there as well.

A view point and perspective has been created about our country and our service members from the limited coverage that has gotten out into the main stream internationally. It is invigorating to think that our film can help to change people’s minds about America and our service members. I think one of the values of the film is that it allows you to personally meet a number of service members on the front lines. Through that collage a portrait comes into focus. Hopefully, the opportunity to spend two hours with our service members on the front lines and the family back home will start to open minds and bring people from other countries a more truthful picture of who is serving in Iraq and what they are doing.

I wanted to send a special thank you to Jack Kelly for creating and airing the radio spot for Brothers At War during the Film festival. You can click on the link below to listen to it. Thank you also to France 24 who I enjoyed interviewed by at Cannes.

Cannes Radio Spot

It was also a very cool to see the film advertised on the back cover of Screen Magazine and in the hands of those attending the festival.

Spending time overseas gave me an opportunity to share what I love about our country. I believe when others have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of our military families, and what they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, it will go along way in our relationships with others from around the world.




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