Happy New Year

Happy Holidays and a very happy New Year

To those who have spent a Holiday overseas in a war zone, and are home this
year, welcome home. Scarcity creates a deeper appreciation for this time of
year and I hope this Holiday is truly a blessed time for you.

After spending 7 Christmases in a war zone we were glad to have Isaac and
Joe home this year. Hunter was excited to introduce her new little brother
to Christmas. My little sister Hannah, not wanting to miss out on this
Rademacher rite of passage was following in the family tradition and
spending her Christmas Holiday deployed overseas in Korea.

For those deployed overseas, thank you for sacrificing your Christmas
Holiday to serve us. For those of you in an active AO, our prayers and
thoughts are with you. We wish you continued success in your missions.
Please come home safe and sound.

Our very best to all!

Jake and the Brothers At War team

In the past years, we were able to raise funds for organizations offering
comfort to our nations military and their families. Please see below for a
small list of the organizations that you have helped us to support in 2010.
Thanks to your generosity, we will continue on this path in 2011:

If you would like to send a care package to a deployed service member,
support Operation Gratitude who has sent over 500,000 packages.

Literacy and education are the key to a better future for the children of
Iraq and Afghanistan. To put school supplies in the hands of our service
members to give to these children, please support Operation International Children

Americansniper.org an organization close to my brother Joe and all snipers’ hearts, has been providing much needed gear to our snipers who
operate in the most vulnerable positions to take out those who would harm our service members

To send the children of our fallen warriors on a vacation to create new
memories, friendships, laughs and provide them with hope, give your support
to Snowball Express

During the month January, you can choose to support any one of these
organizations when you make a purchase through out website. Simply click on
the “buy the DVD’ link on top, put in the appropriate key code below at
check out and we will donate $2 to the organization on your behalf; you will
receive a $2 discount on your purchase of a DVD, CD or poster.

Please enter the respective keycodes at checkout while making your purchase.

“package” for Operation Gratitude; “education” for Operation
International Children; “sniper” for Americansniper.org and “snowball” for Snowball Express.

Thank you for helping us to raise over $100,000 for our service members and
their families!

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