Have a great school year and a happy labor day.

Looking at my niece Hunter growing up by the minute, my heart goes out to all the children of our soldiers who are starting this year with some of the changes being a military family can bring: some may have just moved to a new town and must start by making new friends, some have welcomed a parent back home, others may have had to say goodbye to one.

For most of these kids, an afterschool activity, whether it is sports, science, art, or music will be a great way to fit in, have fun, discover a hidden talent, and maybe for a moment, forget and just be a regular kid.

However, many Guard and Reserve families are so financially stretched they cannot afford the fees for sports, fine arts, or tutoring programs so crucial to their children’s sense of well being. Children of wounded warriors face similar financial difficulties along with the challenges of learning to adapt to the physical, mental, and emotional changes in a loved one.

Our Military Kids, founded in 2004, stepped in to fill some of the gaps these families may face with a simple grant program that pays for children’s activities.

The Brothers At War team felt this was a great organization to raise funds for with our back to school post. Eligible families apply for a grant and within days of receiving the application in the Our Military Kids office, a packet is sent to the child thanking them for their service to our country and notifying them of the award, and a check is sent directly to the activity’s service provider.

During the month of September, with every purchase made through our website, we will donate $2 to Our Military Kids on your behalf. You will also receive an additional $2 off the purchasing price.
Simply click on the “buy the DVD” button on the upper right to be taken to our store page. And make sure to enter “ourkids” at checkout.

You can also make a donation directly to Our Military Kids by visiting their website . If you know a family that could benefit from a grant, please direct them there. And make sure to mark your calendar: During the month of October, you will be able to vote for them through the Pepsi Refresh Project and hopefully help them win big!

Once again, I want to thank you all for the support you have provided. Your feedback and suggestions by email or on our Facebook and Twitter walls, is always welcome. Keep it coming!

Have a great back to school month, and enjoy a wonderful, family-filled Labor Day weekend.

Jake Rademacher and The Brothers At War team.

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