Sharing Stories About the War

On our home page, there’s a “Share Your Story” link. Since the film has launched, over 500 people have participated. We wanted to share snippets of a few of these with you as they testify to the shared experience of military families and war. Enjoy and please submit your own stories as well. They help!

Previously served SSG: “I served in Desert Shield/Desert Stormwith the 1st Cav and running along with 1/7 cav. Now my son James  is serving in Iraq and a younger son and possibly a daughter about to join and serve and I’m proud of them. It is harder to see your children go off to war then it was for me. God bless our troops.”

Charles David Rucker: “I just watched the movie and it really is a good movie. It does tell the lives of army men. I have a brother in the army he is in afghanistan right now as a mp (milarty police). But if I could have one day in his shoes I would get to know him a lot better.”

Kimberly Ness: “Watched your movie today and it really hit home for me since my husband is leaving at the end of the month for Iraq. It helped me see things better since this is his first deployment. We need more movies to help honor the men and women who serve our country so maybe others will understand what we go through as a family. My heart goes out to all family members of deployed service members. May God bless you all and may he bring all our men and women home safe.”

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