Veterans’ day Post

In making Brothers at War, I had the rare opportunity to embed with a sniper team in the middle
of the Sunni Triangle. These warriors take out some of the worst insurgents before they have
the opportunity to trigger Improvised Explosive Devices to kill US Service Members and Afghani
and Iraqi Civilians and Soldiers. Not only are they extremely effective, snipers minimize civilian
causalities, and also gather valuable Intel.

SSG Joseph Rademacher has deployed multiple times as a sniper in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
He has been in numerous combat engagements. He currently trains and prepares other snipers
for combat at sniper school in Fort Benning, GA.

With Veterans’ Day fast approaching, Joe would like to reach out to the Brothers at War
Community and bring a worthy organization to your attention. Snipers take big risks to guaranty
safe homecomings for their brothers-in-arms, it is my hope that this organization which helps
them will make it on to your short list of organizations to support this year.

From a recent email from Joe:

“ is one of the most effective charities for the troops. Many charities send
creature comforts to the troops overseas, which is great, but we would rather have the scope we
need for our rifle than a bag of M&Ms. This organization is designed to increase the lethality of
the American Sniper on the battlefield, which is the #1 casualty producer on the battlefield and
the greatest protective measure for our troops.

The sniper section is the smallest organization inside an infantry unit therefore they often get
forgotten about or neglected when it comes to funds and equipment. I for one have had this
happen to me. Before my second deployment, I worked with my chain of command to send our
sniper rifles to the manufacturer to get a much-needed upgrade. Long story short; we never got
our sniper rifles while in Iraq. How effective is a sniper team without their sniper rifle? We finally
got them back AFTER our deployment to Iraq MINUS the upgrades (the manufacturer actually
took them off) because the unit didn’t want to spend the money to keep the upgrades.

If you ask any operational sniper who has been deployed multiple times they will surely tell you a
story very similar to mine. This organization is designed to have stories like mine end happily ever
after, instead of being told by higher do the best you can with what you got.

This organization is much needed for the sniper community, because it fills a gap that is often
left wide open. This organization has a special place in my and many other sniper’s hearts. They
truly are phenomenal.”

SSG Joseph Rademacher
US Army Sniper School Instructor was first created in 2003 by a small group of US police snipers as a support
network to address the operational equipment needs of US military snipers deployed abroad.
Due to the enormity of the commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan and the differences between the
various units and staff personnel; many American snipers and designated marksmen were, and
still are, having to spend their own funds and enlist their families and friends in procuring gear
and getting it to them in the middle of a war zone. For the past seven years, Americansnipers
has been aiding as many military snipers as possible in over 150 sniper platoons of the military.

To donate go to Further, throughout the month of November and
December, simply enter “sniper” at check out and you will also receive $2 off your Brothers At
War DVD and we will be donate $2 to

I cannot think of a better way to honor veterans than to support their brothers in arms working

hard to ensure more safe returns.

To all the veterans, thank you.

Jake Rademacher

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